Monthly Archives: December 2013

How Do We Find The Time?

It is almost 2014 and I’ve been thinking…what should my goals be in the new year? I am not a big fan of ‘resolutions’ because they always get broken. Goals are things that we aim for. Make them big, and do what you can. I was thinking about what exactly I did in 2013 and the changes that I would like to make. I started making up a big list and then realized – there is only so much time in a day.

This probably isn’t where I should get my inspiration from, but I was watching ‘Hung’ and one of the characters was volunteering at a crisis center. I thought, maybe I should do that. It would be a good thing and I can donate my time. So I investigated a bit…turns out volunteering isn’t something you can just jump into. It’s a big commitment. A bunch of training is required, background checks, references…it is a whole big process. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I barely have time to relax as is. So maybe this is something that I will do in the future, but it isn’t something I can do right now.

Then the question comes around again – what can my goals be for the new year? Well, I have already made goals about losing weight and working out, I actually started that in November and am keeping track by writing a blog post every Tuesday on So those are ongoing goals. What else do I want to work on? Maybe I should break it down and make more attainable goals. So here they are.

1. Write one blog post a week on this site
2. Write one blog post a week on ‘missiontogetfit’ site
3. Do five book reviews on per month (spread out, not just at the end of the month like I’ve been doing)
4. Empty the cat litter every day
5. Change bedding and towels on a bimonthly basis
6. Do the dishes every day
7. Pack lunch 3 times a week
8. Clean the bathroom on a bimonthly basis
9. Figure out how to make a budget and stick to it
10. Start putting away $100 a month to savings instead of $50
11. Start using secondary savings account to save for a certain event that may be happening in 2015
12. Plan out weekly menus in order to eat healthier, and better plan shopping trips (also waste less food)
13. Clean out basement (includes getting rid of all the crap that has accumulated over the years, putting down some flooring in the laundry area to make it nicer, having the guys put up shelves throughout for better organization)
14. Organize library (get rid of books that will not be reread ever – alphabetize books that will be staying, scan into library program, stamp with personalized stamp)
15. Clean out closet and dresser of clothes that I don’t wear anymore
16. Organize study/Ranger’s room (move desk, clean off desk so I can actually use it, move bookshelf to other corner, get rid of cork table, take closet door off and put up curtain instead, go through papers in room and get rid of what I can, clean out closet)
17. Finish novel

I think this is pretty manageable. Nothing too outrageous. I think the hardest will be the chores, but I know the boyfriend will be pleased to know they are goals this year. Packing my lunch really relies on having food in the house, so that is something to work on. I think #17 is going to require the most effort on my part. I haven’t picked up my novel to work on for quite a bit because I’ve been so busy with everything else in my life. I have come to the conclusion that I just need to sit down and write it so that is what I am going to do. No more procrastinating – not going to become a bestselling author if I never finish a book.