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On Perspective

The last post I did was about my knee injury. It is a post where I spend time reflecting only on my own problems and there has definitely been a lot of ‘feeling bad for myself’ going on lately. With the knee injury I need surgery that I am going to have to pay at least a few grand of myself because my insurance sucks. Then there is the question of if it is even worth having a wedding because of the cost of my healthcare expenses right now. Plus student loans are a constant worry and there is the ever-present question in the back of my mind of how on earth I am supposed to afford children in the near future if I cannot cover my own expenses. Like I said, a lot of feeling bad for myself.

Then yesterday I found out that one of my good friends from high school who joined up with the Marines after graduation was injured. I haven’t been able to make contact with her since I found out yesterday but she is home and recovering. So I’m hopeful that things aren’t too awful bad for her with regards to her physical injuries. That didn’t stop me from spreading the word about her injury via Facebook and Twitter. It didn’t stop me from ignoring my own financial problems for a minute to take the time to donate some money to her cause. And it doesn’t stop me from realizing that while things are tough right now in my life, they could be a lot worse.

Thinking about Jess’s injury and how it happened made me stop and think about the others who have been injured or killed while serving. I met a man on the bus today who saw that I was walking with a cane and he asked if it was a knee injury. I told him yes, that I had fallen and torn something. He explained that he has had twenty different surgeries for his knee. He had been shot. Judging by the army pins on the hat he was wearing and his age, I’m guessing it was during Vietnam. Regrettably, I didn’t take the time to thank him for serving the country. I just got off the bus at my stop.
So yes, my knee hurts and it sucks. But it is something that I can deal with. It really is all about perspective.

Side note: Jess’s friends and family are currently trying to raise some money to help her with her expenses and also to install a kitchen in her home. While she is recovering, she is living in a home with only a microwave. She says that she is fine with a microwave, but I think if everyone helps a little bit we can do better for her. She has been serving this country since 2005. Let’s help her out.

Friends, Family, Guests of SSgt Clymer – Please support Jessica in either donating money (multiple ways), buying a t-shirt, and or if you are a business donating materials to help rebuild her kitchen!
For materials or checks/cash/gift cards, please send a message to the inbox to coordinate.
Or you can donate on PayPal by using this email:

Forever Broken: Update on the Knee

I realized that I haven’t actually updated about my knee and the progress (or lack there of) that I am making with it. As most of you know, I injured myself back in February this year when I slipped on ice running for the train. The knee never healed. I went to the doctor and he ordered an x-ray, which came back negative for any breaks. He told me that if it continues to give me pain I’d need to see an orthopedist. I didn’t much like this doctor and so instead of listening to that little tidbit of advice, I waited for it to get better. And I waited. And waited.

Finally, after months of unhappiness and pain I went to a new doctor. She was nice and seemed competent. After a brief examination of the knee, she told me that I needed to see an orthopedist. So I went. (I’m pretty sure that orthopedists are sadistic bastards for the record.) He had me lay on the table and examined my knee. By examined, I mean he moved my kneecap back and forth as I cried out in pain. He then told me that we would need to order an MRI to find out exactly what is broken. I asked about physical therapy and he told me that I would have to wait for the results of the MRI because we need to fix whatever is broken first. So I went and got the MRI and waited for the results.

Oddly enough, when I got the MRI they asked for my email address so they could send me a copy of the results. I also got a CD with the actual MRI footage on it. The results got to me very quickly. After some careful decoding help from Future Husband – and by help I mean he did it – we were able to download a copy of the MRI report. It said a lot of things that I did not understand. The word ‘tear’ was on there though, so I felt satisfied that at least there was something wrong that could be fixed. I had been told that there was the possibility that it was a chronic pain situation that I would have to deal with forever. So I was happy to hear that something was torn. Torn can be fixed.

It took the doctor awhile to get the results from my MRI report, which I found to be rather strange since I got it myself so quickly. When I went and saw the orthopedist, he told me that the tear was on the inside of my knee. He then poked me there and I cried out in pain. He pointed out to Future Husband that if he wanted to torture me for information, this was a good spot to start. (Know what I mean about sadistic?) Although the tear is on the inside of my right knee, the area that hurts the most is on the outside of my knee. The orthopedist told me that not everything shows up on an MRI, so he told me that when I go in for surgery he would look around and see what he could see. In the meantime, I am walking with a cane. It does make me feel old and I sometimes have the urge to sit on my front porch and shake my cane at the neighbor’s children, but it does help me keep weight off my bad leg. Plus it is a hell of a lot easier on me than crutches were.

The downside is that I need surgery and since it is non-emergent, I have to wait until early August to go under the knife. The upside is there is a problem that can be fixed. Also, Future Husband proposed to me the day before I found out I needed surgery. So I’ve had a smile on my face anyway. Nothing like a diamond ring from the man you love to take your mind off your impending surgery.