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Just Because it’s Valentine’s Day…

I’m a sucker for a good chick flick. I love Disney movies and the happily ever after that goes with them. I’ve been on the lookout for THE ONE since I was old enough to understand what that meant. I was convinced that I would fall in love with a handsome prince who would whisk me away. I picked up the habit of kissing the occasional frog (literal frogs) in hopes of finding the one that was actually a prince.

I realize now that I was rather naïve about love. But who could blame me? My parents were in love and have been forever. I knew there was a thing called divorce, but I was never personally affected by it. My parents never fought or screamed at each other and while I’m sure they had the occasional fight out of earshot, the bottom line is they have a happy marriage. The older I got, the more I came to realize that my parents were the exception. Most of my friend’s parents were divorced. Some got divorced along the way. You would think this would turn me cynical, but instead I was more determined than ever to find my prince.

If you haven’t realized by now, yes…this is a sappy post. You can thank Kat for the inspiration. And yes, I have found my prince. He’s the one. I’ll be marrying this wonderful man in a few short months. Although the whole idea of the wedding itself is a bit stressful the one thing that I am holding onto is the fact that after the wedding I will be his wife. That is something I am really excited for.

Why am I so convinced that he is the one? That this is love? Well, I’ll tell you. FH and I met in college. After some flirting on my part and one of his friends pointing me out to him, we were leaning towards going on a date. At this point in my life I thought I would try the whole casual dating thing as I had never done it before. I had three dates lined up in one week and I was aiming for another with FH. When he heard about this he told me no, he wouldn’t participate in such a thing. If I wanted a date with him, it would be only him. What can I say? I cancelled my other dates and promised to take FH out to dinner. In the end he took me out, but he relished the idea that I was willing to take him out. He’s the first – and only – guy that I agreed to take out. I was the one chasing him and he loves bringing that up.

But that’s just how we started. The thing is, FH has been there for me from the beginning. He has been endlessly patient with all my crazy whims. He spoils me. He has seen me at my best and my very worst. My very worst came early on in our relationship and when he didn’t turn and run away I knew that there was something different here. He helped me through a lot of issues. He has been there to hold my hand through everything. Whenever I’m upset, FH always finds a way to make me laugh. He is my rock. And I like to think that I do a lot of the same things for him. I think that we both make each other better, we challenge each other, and we strive to be the one that makes the other smile. He brings the best out of me and vice versa.

There have been hundreds of tiny moments where I knew that he loved me back. One of those times was when he took me to see RENT live. It’s a movie I’ve seen a zillion times and he loathes it. Musicals are not his thing. But it was my birthday and he took me anyway. It was amazing. He is amazing. Those times when I’m feeling blue and he lets me pick the movie. When he would play “Friends Scene It” after only seeing the series once and I would kick his butt. The way that he plays cards with me. The way that he always is there for me. The proposal that he planned: he took our song and taught himself how to play it on the piano. I was blown away. The way that he has taken care of me during this whole ordeal with my knee. When he let me get Ranger before he even met him because he knew how attached I had already become. How he walks Ranger twice daily since I still am not back on my feet. The endless cups of water he will fill for me. How he will stop at the store for milk. How he calls me sometimes to just say hi, or sends me pictures of different animals he has encountered throughout his day. When he holds me after a bad day. When he looks into my eyes and tells me he loves me.

Our relationship isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination. We fight, we argue, we disagree. We get on each other’s nerves. Sometimes he does something stupid and I just want to smack him. Sometimes he says something stupid and I want to smack him. But we always work it out because this is worth something. It’s worth working at. At the end of the day, all I want is to be in his arms. FH is my best friend. Whenever something happens, whether it is good, bad, or ordinary I cannot wait to tell FH about it. He’s my person, my soon-to-be husband, my best friend. So Happy Valentine’s Day, I hope everyone finds their someone, their prince, and their happily ever after.

Stuck in Traffic with a One-Armed Man

It’s February and I’m still on crutches. It sucks. I’m beyond tired of it. I’m tired of almost falling over because my crutches get caught on something. I actually fell down a few stairs the other day and landed on my shoulder, which has a nice bruise on it and my head, which hurt for a few hours. I’m tired of not being able to walk my dog. I’m tired of relying on others to run errands or help me with the smallest of tasks. I’m just sick and tired of it all.

In December I got a series of cartilage injections, this was supposed to add some extra padding and allow me to do my physical therapy exercises without extreme pain. This worked fine for a few weeks, but when the pain started to increase and I had to back off most of my exercises I decided it was time to go visit the doc again. The thing is that FH and I only have one car that is reliable in the winter and my appointment was at 8am. So we decided that he would drop me off at the doctor on his way into work and I would try out Lyft for my ride home. After all, I had a promo for a free $20 ride and that should cover the trip home.

I go in, see the doctor, get a plan for fixing my stupid knee, schedule a follow up in five weeks, and get ready to call my ride. Lyft is supposed to be similar to UberX and so I pulled the app up on my phone and requested a car. And I was told there were no drivers available. Awesome. Minor setback, but this is why there is UberX and so I pulled up that app and requested a car. It was about twenty minutes away, but it wasn’t like I could go anywhere without a ride so I sat down and read my book until the car arrived.

The Subaru Forester pulled up and my driver was really friendly. He offered to help me in the car, which I declined – I’ve gotten pretty good at getting around with the crutches. Once I was securely inside the car I told him where we were headed and he started driving. My driver asked what happened to my knee and I told him the story. Icy conditions, non-salted pavement at the train station, falling and landing on my knee, having an x-ray right away with nothing unusual on it, waiting a bit to see the orthopedist, getting an MRI, finding out the cartilage was torn, getting surgery, and trying to get back on my feet. When he found out that it happened because of septa’s neglect he told me I should get a lawyer. I told him I already had one. He responded with the advice that I should watch out and never trust a lawyer because they just screw you over. “That’s what happened when I lost my arm,” he said. Then he lifted his right arm up and wiggled his prosthetic fingers to show me that yes, in fact, he only had one arm.

After getting over the minor shock that followed having someone wiggle their prosthetic fingers at you, I asked about how he lost his arm. It was kind of a crazy story. He was doing some work under the table, picked up a large mirror, the mirror broke in half and sliced off his arm. “Wouldn’t that have been a clean cut? They couldn’t reattach it?” I asked. He replied that this happened in the middle of August and that he had to wait 45+ minutes for an ambulance. Once he got to the hospital they tried, but things just didn’t work out that way. I then got to hear his story about going to see a few different lawyers and how they screwed him over. It was interesting.

This whole flow of conversation happened in the first ten minutes or so of the drive. My house is about twenty minutes from the doctor, so we were getting close when we came to a complete standstill. I never found out what was causing the big mess, but it ended up taking me an hour to get home. Luckily, my one-armed UberX driver was hilarious. We had a wonderful conversation about all sorts of things. I found out that he has three kids – one eleven year old and two six year olds. “Aw, you have twins?” I asked. I then found out that no; he just had babies with two different women at the same time. Oh. It seemed that our conversation continually went into awkward ground. But he seemed cool with it. And it certainly kept things interesting.

I’m not a big fan of traffic. In fact, I hate it. Getting stuck behind other people because someone somewhere did something stupid is just infuriating. But I was stuck in traffic with a hilarious one-armed man. And he was the one driving. Overall, I’ll call it a win. Plus, that ride was $20 – not bad for an hour trip. My advice is that if you’re going to be stuck in traffic, the best way to do it is when someone else is driving. It’s an added bonus if he has one arm and is awesome.