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Why Yes, I Did Go Shooting in a Tiara

Last night was my bachelorette party. My head hurts a bit and my stomach is kind of so-so, but I had a blast, so that is what counts. My phone is also rather sticky due to a spilled margarita – it happens.

As I prepared for the party I struggled with what to wear. On the one hand, as a bride-to-be, I feel like I should wear white. But the first thing planned for the party was to go shooting, so I thought white might get dirty. But I still wanted to be fancy, so I put on my new blue dress and topped it off with my tiara. Yup, I headed out to go shooting in a dress and my tiara. Once I arrived, I had to take off the tiara in order to put ear protection on, but it’s the thought that counts. I did learn that wearing a low cut dress is not the best idea. This revelation came to me after a hot shell fell down my shirt. Plus I got a little dirty in the boob area…lesson learned.

Shooting was a lot of fun. I haven’t been for a while, so I decided to start out with my P22, which really is an adorable gun. I did a few mags on that one, and then tried out FH’s PK380 – which was okay for a bit until it stopped firing. This was something FH warned me about. He suspects that the ammo is the cause, but I didn’t want to take a gun apart and clean it out at the range, so I switched to another gun. I bought a box of ammo for FH’s .45. That was a lot of fun, it’s totally a hand cannon. But I did not get punched in the face! Yay me. I also tried out my brother’s .22 handgun (which I suspect he never cleans because it jammed on me over and over) and his .22 rifle, which was fun. My other brother lent us his shotgun. And oh man. My shoulder is killing me today. I did three rounds and my little brother was going to show me how to load more, but I told him I had had enough with that gun. It was really powerful and awesome, but I’m definitely feeling it. I’m kind of glad I didn’t take the guy up on his offer to let me shoot a machine gun. Maybe next time.

After shooting we hung out at the house for a bit before dinner and then afterwards we went to karaoke, which was a blast! As a group we sang Bohemian Rhapsody and later on, Under the Sea. I was given a shot on the house, which I probably shouldn’t have done, but it was my party and I’ll puke if I need to! (Side note – I actually didn’t throw up once, I’m very proud). All in all, I had a great time and I’m so thankful that I was able to celebrate with my sisters and brother and my bestie! And if anyone wants to go do more karaoke or go shooting again, I’m totally up for it. I might even bring my tiara.

Wedding Planning (The Wedding is Coming…)

For months now, I have been planning my wedding. Well, really… let’s be honest. I’ve been planning my wedding since I was a little girl. But now that the ring is on my finger and I have my Future Husband by my side, things are much more real. You know how people say that planning a wedding is stressful? IT TOTALLY IS!! Part of the reason that I haven’t written anything on this blog for a while is because of the wedding planning taking up so much of my time.

Through this whole process though, I’ve been trying to focus on what is important. Getting married is a lot of fun, but the whole point of it is to get married and be married. Share your life with someone, declare your love, get that happily ever after… but it’s hard to focus on that all the time. You can’t help but focus a little bit on the fact that you are throwing one hell of an expensive dinner party.

There’s the venue and the food and the drinks and the cake and the flowers and the music and the decorations, the photographers, the videographer, the florist. There’s the people – figuring out bridesmaids, groomsmen, an officiant, flower girls, a ring bearer. Determining what everyone should wear, who should speak, who will walk with whom. Then there’s all the little things like who should be the emergency contact on the day so people aren’t blowing up my phone, transportation on the wedding, when the photographer should get there, when the videographer should get there, who will be in charge of making sure everyone has eaten so no one faints at the ceremony. Then there are post ceremony things to worry about, like who will collect the frames from the tables and who is in charge of storing the presents. What will we do with this decoration or that one, do we care if people take them? What party favors will we give the guests? What will we give our bridal party as gifts? There’s SO MUCH STUFF.

People keep asking me what shoes I’m going to wear, what I am doing with my hair, where I’m getting my makeup done…and I just don’t know. I almost don’t care. I’m probably going to wear sneakers for my wedding so I don’t irritate my fragile knee. And hair and makeup? I never do my hair beyond brushing it and washing it. I don’t have a hairdresser that I go to, and besides I’m staying at the hotel the night before, so I would want somewhere close to that. Makeup? What kind of look am I going for? Do I want a smoky eye or a more natural look? Will I do it myself, or have someone come and do it for me? You know what the answers are to all of these questions? I don’t know.

So all of these thoughts have been swirling around in my head and I get asked on a daily basis how wedding planning is coming along. Only no one *really* wants to know, they’re just being polite, at least for the most part. There are a few people that actually do care and are willing to provide feedback and help out where they can, to those few I’m super grateful, although I don’t always show it. For example, the other day the Crazy Lady gave me a call and started off with her thanking me for keeping calm and not becoming a bridezilla or anything and how proud and surprised she was that I’ve been so Zen about the whole thing. Well, she called right after a bunch of shit hit the fan…so I spent the next twenty minutes bitching about all the things that are going wrong and what hasn’t been taken care of that needs to be and how FH is being stupid and how everyone is being stupid and blah blah blah. And I basically proved her wrong on the whole ‘Zen’ thing. But really, it was almost like she was asking for it.