Be A Better Person: A Slightly Political Rant

I feel that there has been a steady influx of terrible things happening in the world. And with the current political climate, America is shamelessly displaying the hatred that courses through the masses. People aren’t even trying to be tolerant anymore. The state of this great nation of ours is not so great. Sometimes there is so much ugliness in the world that I can’t see the beauty anymore. And that sucks. Is there anything that can be done? Or is this the world? Take it or leave it?

We are once again in a situation where we are going to be voting for the lesser of two evils during this presidential election. And one of them will be taking over and either adding to Obama’s good work, or completely undoing it. I do not think either candidate is offering any kind of hope for a better world.

But back to the topic at hand – the sad state of our country as the presidential election has truly brought out the worst in so many people. And I think that there should be no question that one of the candidates shouldn’t even be considered because he is using hatred and fear to fuel his campaign. Blatant racism, discrimination, sexism, and bigotry are once again becoming not only acceptable, but encouraged. How can anyone talk about making America great again when our country has spent so much of our history preaching about equal opportunities in one breath and suppressing rights of anyone that isn’t a white male practicing the appropriate religion? Would America be great again if women’s suffrage had never happened? If segregation was still a thing? When rights were not a given, but something that had to be fought tooth and nail for? Was that greatness?

Personally, I like having the right to get a credit card without my husband’s permission. I like having the ability to vote. I value that if I were in a bad situation I could choose to safely get an abortion. I can buy a car. I can have a voice. I can get a job. I have these rights and I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit quietly and let hatred go unchecked. We do not need another holocaust. We do not need another führer. What we really need is for conservatives to get the fuck out of progression’s way. Stop trying to suppress basic human rights and worry about making the world a better place.

I don’t know what is going to happen on Tuesday. I know what I hope will happen, or more so what I hope will not happen. But either way, what I’m really trying to say is this – be a better person. The only way to counteract all the hatred and all the bad in the world is to try to put out extra good. Send out good vibes. Be nice to a stranger. Be there for a friend. Be a friend. Pay it forward. And maybe, just maybe, we can make this the kind of world that we want to give to our children. Maybe we don’t have to accept the world at face value. Maybe we can make a difference – however small – and bring a little hope back into the world.

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