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Dog Walking 101

I am of the opinion that if you get a dog there are certain responsibilities that go along with that. Obviously, you need to do the standard feed and shelter the dog. If possible, you should walk the dog twice a day. But more importantly, you need to clean up after your dog. This seemed obvious to me, but given the amount of dog shit I see, maybe people need to be reminded that cleaning up after their dogs is an important part of owning one. Yes, poop is kind of gross and especially picking it up right after it has been evacuated from the dog and it’s warm is not a pleasant experience. But changing diapers is no picnic either, so suck it up.

Because of my knee nonsense, I haven’t been the primary dog walker like I was before. But my husband works late some nights and I can’t make the dog wait. A few weeks ago I was walking Ranger after all the leaves had fallen – one of the biggest challenges when picking up after the dog. So he squats down and I go to grab a bag from the dispenser we keep on the leash and it was empty!

What do to? I couldn’t just leave it. That’s not okay. Should I knock on some neighbor’s doors and ask for a baggie? That might be weird…I wasn’t too far from home, so I decided I should just go get more bags. The challenge would be to find the dog shit again. So I found a stick and pushed it into the ground in front of the shit. I walked back home, got the bags, went back, found the stick and the shit, and cleaned up after my dog. Because that’s what you do.

So yes, I am extremely judgmental about cleaning up after your dog. I’m not saying everyone will go to those lengths to clean up shit, but you should make an effort! When there is dog shit on the sidewalk – well I don’t know who you are, but I send a wish out. I wish with all my heart that you will get explosive diarrhea in your pants in the middle of an important meeting. That’s all I ask. So the next time you decide to not clean up after your dog, don’t be surprised when you get hit with karmic shit at the worst possible moment. And you’ll deserve it too.


Hunting Blondes at Wawa


For those of you that don’t know, I started a new job recently. One of the nice things about this job is that it is about five minutes from Wawa. Although I try to pack lunch when I can, sometimes that doesn’t work out and I go to Wawa. Yesterday was one of those days.

It started off simply enough, I was driving back from dropping off some paperwork at the doctor and headed in the direction of Wawa. I was behind a silver CRV and while driving around the bend I noticed that of the three brake lights cars have only one was working. That’s kind of a problem – and it isn’t likely that this car owner knew. So I made a decision. I decided that it was my mission to find this person and inform them that their brake lights were out. Of course this was all banking on the idea that the CRV turned into the Wawa parking lot. I wasn’t about to go on a crazy adventure. Lo and behold – the CRV pulled into the Wawa parking lot.

I followed the car around the building and then a spot opened up that the CRV had already past, so I parked and tried to get a good look at the car owner as I walked into Wawa. I could tell that the driver was a woman and that she was blonde. I assumed that would be plenty of information and I could tell her about her brakes.

Upon entering Wawa, I looked around. There were blonde women everywhere. Wawa was crowded as usual and I almost gave up. I then thought about making an announcement to the whole of the Wawa population. Finally I decided to just start somewhere, so I went up to a blonde woman and asked if she drove a CRV. She said yes. I told her that her brake lights were out except for the third one. Her face was full of panic and upset as she confirmed that her black CRV was the one I was talking about. I said no, it was a silver CRV with the brake lights out. She was relieved and informed me that her car had just gotten back from the shop. She then wished me luck. It was then that I realized at least two of the many blonde women in the Wawa I was currently standing in owned a CRV.

Another person would have given up, but at that point I had already invested my time in finding the owner of the silver CRV with the brake lights out. I asked two other blonde women and they did not own a CRV. Finally, I found her. I told her, and she was so grateful. And just like that, my mission was complete.

To the People with Their Cell Phones

Last night FH and I went to see the new Fast and the Furious movie. It wasn’t great, and in a way I’m glad because if it was a great movie I would have been even more upset with the entire theater for ruining my movie going experience.

First of all, we went to the Movie Tavern. This is a ‘movie going experience catered to adults’. It says so all over the place. So imagine my surprise and disappointment when we arrive in the theater to see that the place is packed with elementary-age kids. Their parents accompanied them, so technically this was allowed. But it’s not a kids’ movie, not at all. These kids had no business being in that theater in the first place. When I go see a kids’ movie in theaters I have to accept that there will be children there. But the Fast and the Furious movies do NOT fall into that category. So I was a little pissed off. Oh, and there was a baby there too. Like, probably had just-learned-how-to-hold-her-head-up baby. Funnily enough, the baby was better behaved than all the kids, and most of the adults in the theater. So thanks to the parents out there who decided to take their kids to an adult movie, you helped to ruin my movie-going experience.

Now, for those of you that do not know, the Movie Tavern is an awesome place. Or I guess I should say was. I cannot remember the last time we went there and had decent service. Yes, I know that it is a challenging environment to work in, but that doesn’t excuse ignoring the little button that is supposed to alter you that we need something. It doesn’t excuse not bringing out our food for 45 minutes while everyone around us that ordered after us got their food first. It doesn’t excuse not bringing us silverware or proper napkins. It’s not cool. This was also a contributing factor to making last night more frustrating than enjoyable.

Finally, the people with the cell phones: WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM??? Is it that important to check Facebook while you are watching a movie multiple times?? It is that important to be texting with your friends? There is NO EXCUSE for this kind of behavior. There is even a fucking message at the beginning of the movie asking you to not ruin the experience for everyone else by using your phone during the movie. But of course, most people had their faces bent over their phones during this message and missed it. But really? I mean, really… what makes you think this is an okay thing to do? Do you not understand where you are? Do you not realize how disruptive a cell phone is? You are being extremely rude. Go home, you do not deserve to be out in public if you cannot behave.

It was so bad that not only did FH turn to the guy next to him and ask him to put away his phone, to which he got a snide comment back, but after the movie I went over to a woman that was sitting in front of me and told her that when she uses her phone in the theater she is being rude to everyone sitting behind her. She gave a half apology, but then made a rude comment behind my back that FH heard. We ignored it and left. No point getting into an argument, I said my piece. Maybe she will realize that she contributed to ruining the movie for us and who knows how many other people.

On our way out we stopped in the bathroom and I saw the lady that I spoke with and the other two people with her. The one girl (guessing the daughter?) glared at me the whole time. And I stared right back at her. If she wants to say something, let her. But have the fucking guts to speak up. I know that I was in the right. I was shaking with anger at the end of the movie, but I just said my piece. I didn’t raise my voice, I just told her that she was being rude that her phone is something that everyone behind her could see and it wasn’t okay to use during a movie. I think that I was well within my rights. I didn’t escalate it even though I really did want to punch the blonde that was shooting daggers at me for speaking up. I kept my cool.

But I really do want to know… why do people think this is okay? How is it fair that I have my movie going experience ruined because people can’t put their fucking cell phones down for two hours? If you don’t have the attention span to sit and watch a movie without another tiny screen in front of you, then don’t go to the movies. It’s pretty simple. There are some highly anticipated movies coming out this summer that FH wants to go see in theaters and I have to say, I’m not so sure I want to go. It can’t be good for me, all this anger boiling up. And who’s to say that any movie going experience will be any better than last night’s? I should have just stayed home and read a book.

What’s the Rush?

I’ll admit it. I am not the most patient person in the world. In fact, I’m one of the more impatient people that I know. This is usually a problem because the rest of the world just doesn’t move as quickly as I expect and desire it to.

I work in the city. Walking around the city can be, well, frustrating. It drives me crazy when I try to get from point A to point B and get stuck behind the slow walkers. This drives me insane, especially when there is a group of people that are clearly together and they are all walking next to each other. You shouldn’t be taking up the entire sidewalk, it’s rude and you’re interfering with my ability to pass you.

Do I always want to move extremely fast? No, there are some times when I think it is perfectly acceptable to take your time. One of these things would be in regards to public transportation. Every morning and every afternoon I can be found on the train. I like the train for the most part. It’s a lot easier than driving into the office, plus it gives me the opportunity to read and/or write. Where do you think I am right now? There is also a fair amount of people watching that one can accomplish when riding the train. I love to people watch.

So when it comes to the train, I don’t mind taking my time getting on and getting off. When the train pulls up and people start shoving their way in I just shake my head in wonderment. Why is it so important to be the first person on? It really irks me when people that haven’t been waiting for the train walk up and push in front of me. Is there a reason that you do not need to wait? I didn’t realize that this was your train and that you are the one who gets to go on first. Just a few minutes ago I had a guy shove his way to the front of the line, practically rubbing against my back in an effort to get on the train before me. Not cool dude, I’m not letting you in. Wait your fucking turn.

It also drives me up a wall when people insist on getting up before the train has stopped. ESPECIALLY when I am getting off the train at the same place you are. I want to sit until the train stops. Why? Well, first of all I do not like having to play that balancing game where you need to distribute your weight between your feet, moving one more forward and another back, trying to grab onto the seat handles because the train is still moving and you are not stable. It isn’t any fun for me. Let me sit. I also happen to wear heels sometimes to work. When I’m wearing some heels you better believe I want to sit down. Girl shoes suck (although they are pretty and make your legs look great). When my knee hurts, which has been for most of the winter, I want to sit until the car has stopped. There are mere seconds that you shred off your commute by pushing yourself to get up before the train has stopped. Is it really worth it? It’s gotten to the point where when my stop is coming up I will start packing up my things. There is always something in my lap, a computer, a book, a notebook, my phone…there is something. I put my stuff away and start putting bags on my shoulder. Then I turn my whole body like I’m about to get up but I stay seated. This is a very clear message. My body language says, ‘I’m getting off next but I’m waiting for the train to stop.’ If I go through these motions and still have someone tell me this is their stop, I now say, “Mine too.” And I don’t move. I want to sit until the train stops. It’s common fucking sense.

In regards to getting a seat on the train…this is another delight that you get to experience taking public transportation. When I get on the train and sit down, do you know what I do? I shift all the way over to the window and put my bags on my lap or the floor. This way I’m not the asshole with one bag, which I left on the seat. Not cool. There are other people trying to sit down and some of them are on the timid side. They may not want to ask you to move your stuff. I know I was like that once, at the beginning of my public transportation communing career. If you sit down with your bag on the seat it is basically saying ‘Fuck you’ to anyone that would want to sit down. Knock it off. Put your shit on the floor or in your lap.

What happens if you are unlucky enough to get on the train and it is full? Now that I have been taking a different train I almost always can find a seat. This is very nice. But I will not stay in my seat if I see certain individuals going without a seat. This includes pregnant women, people with young children, and the elderly. I will offer my seat to these individuals because that is how I was raised. It is the decent thing to do. Why do I feel so alone in this regard? Maybe some more people can learn how to behave properly on public transportation and help to make the world a better place. Maybe.