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Have Any of You Ever Felt Personally Victimized by Regina George? I mean, Government-run businesses?

So. I got married, right? And I decided to change my name. And that’s when everything went downhill. If you’re unaware, changing one’s name is probably the hardest thing to do. And I’m pretty sure that these different places that I needed to go to change my name decided to fuck with me and make it the worst experience ever.

The first thing you need to do is change your name with the social security office. I checked online, found a place, went there, waited in line for over an hour, and was told that I needed to go to the social security office by my house. Awesome. So I looked online and was told to go to this one location. I called and spoke with someone and was told to go to the same location. So I went to that location and despite being reassured that they would be open on Black Friday, they were not. I went the Monday afterwards and after spending about two hours in line, was told that I needed to go to a different location. Awesome. At this point, I was beyond exasperated and so I decided to mail in my forms. This meant putting my ACTUAL passport in the mail. Very uncomfortable – but I got a call from the social security office a few days later and learned that I sent it to the wrong office! Awesome. Luckily, they forwarded my stuff to the right office and a few weeks later, I had my new social security card. That actually was awesome.

Next step, get my license and passport updated. Yesterday I went to the DMV. The first place I went to was supposed to be open at 8:30am. They weren’t. I stayed for 45 minutes and they still weren’t open. I’m guessing that they decided to close because of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. But that is on Monday, and the post office is open today, so why the fuck would the DMV be closed? But this was a revelation I reached later.

After this mess, I called The Crazy Lady and she gave me two other addresses of places that would be open on Saturday to update my license. So the first one I went to, found it, parked, walked over, and the sign on the door said they would only be open the first and last Saturdays of each month. HELPFUL FUCKING INFORMATION. At this point, I’m determined. I’m going to get this taken care of. So I go to the other address Crazy Lady sent. And they don’t open until ten, so I stop at a café across the street to get some breakfast. The empty stomach was only increasing the likelihood that I would stab someone. After chatting with the guys at this place (who may have brought something besides tea back from Colorado) they recommended a blended herbal tea that was amazing. It was soooooo delicious that it almost made the madness of my morning worth it. I enjoyed a pretty tasty breakfast sandwich too. After eating, I went across the street, brought my paperwork up to the desk and was told that I needed to bring my social security card with me. AWESOME! More determined than ever, I go home and get my social security card and drive back. I get there, wait a little while longer, and then am told that I can’t actually do all the stuff at that location because they’re an outside vendor, not the actual DMV and they can process my paperwork and get me a camera card, but ultimately I would still need to go to the DMV. So the guy I was working with told me three times that if it were him, he would go to the DMV to do it all at once. Never being one that had to be told to take a hint, I decided to heed his advice.

So my name has been officially changed, but my license doesn’t reflect that at the moment. Or my passport. Or my registration or my bank info, or so many other things. I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to feel like someone out there is messing with me. Am I being personally victimized? It seems quite probable…


Wedding Planning (The Wedding is Coming…)

For months now, I have been planning my wedding. Well, really… let’s be honest. I’ve been planning my wedding since I was a little girl. But now that the ring is on my finger and I have my Future Husband by my side, things are much more real. You know how people say that planning a wedding is stressful? IT TOTALLY IS!! Part of the reason that I haven’t written anything on this blog for a while is because of the wedding planning taking up so much of my time.

Through this whole process though, I’ve been trying to focus on what is important. Getting married is a lot of fun, but the whole point of it is to get married and be married. Share your life with someone, declare your love, get that happily ever after… but it’s hard to focus on that all the time. You can’t help but focus a little bit on the fact that you are throwing one hell of an expensive dinner party.

There’s the venue and the food and the drinks and the cake and the flowers and the music and the decorations, the photographers, the videographer, the florist. There’s the people – figuring out bridesmaids, groomsmen, an officiant, flower girls, a ring bearer. Determining what everyone should wear, who should speak, who will walk with whom. Then there’s all the little things like who should be the emergency contact on the day so people aren’t blowing up my phone, transportation on the wedding, when the photographer should get there, when the videographer should get there, who will be in charge of making sure everyone has eaten so no one faints at the ceremony. Then there are post ceremony things to worry about, like who will collect the frames from the tables and who is in charge of storing the presents. What will we do with this decoration or that one, do we care if people take them? What party favors will we give the guests? What will we give our bridal party as gifts? There’s SO MUCH STUFF.

People keep asking me what shoes I’m going to wear, what I am doing with my hair, where I’m getting my makeup done…and I just don’t know. I almost don’t care. I’m probably going to wear sneakers for my wedding so I don’t irritate my fragile knee. And hair and makeup? I never do my hair beyond brushing it and washing it. I don’t have a hairdresser that I go to, and besides I’m staying at the hotel the night before, so I would want somewhere close to that. Makeup? What kind of look am I going for? Do I want a smoky eye or a more natural look? Will I do it myself, or have someone come and do it for me? You know what the answers are to all of these questions? I don’t know.

So all of these thoughts have been swirling around in my head and I get asked on a daily basis how wedding planning is coming along. Only no one *really* wants to know, they’re just being polite, at least for the most part. There are a few people that actually do care and are willing to provide feedback and help out where they can, to those few I’m super grateful, although I don’t always show it. For example, the other day the Crazy Lady gave me a call and started off with her thanking me for keeping calm and not becoming a bridezilla or anything and how proud and surprised she was that I’ve been so Zen about the whole thing. Well, she called right after a bunch of shit hit the fan…so I spent the next twenty minutes bitching about all the things that are going wrong and what hasn’t been taken care of that needs to be and how FH is being stupid and how everyone is being stupid and blah blah blah. And I basically proved her wrong on the whole ‘Zen’ thing. But really, it was almost like she was asking for it.